Why I am not going to say about my current salary?

1. I worked as a scholarship student. Surely the government salary is not competitive to the private sector. Therefore I am not going to let it be a reason against my salary in the future. Don't forget that government granted me both degree on Bsc and also Msc. That's mean they accepted my competancy. First job working with government it was 12,000 THB. How long do you think I have to stick with that?

2. I agree on value of the project not on the past salary. It is irrelevant.

3. Jumping the salary is unclear to me. You have to quantify the value first. By that it means you have a proper career path for everyone in the organization


How can employer prevent from "salary jumping"?
How do you quantify jumping? It is ambiguous. Then to be fair. Judge on the performance and value of the project.
However, they know the value of themselves and don't want to be under value as well. You can ask me to be a share holder if you are concerning about cash flow.


Hiring newbie coding is better than mine
If you plan to be a small business and will never ever grow up or scale up to enterprise level. Then go that way. I have seen buy & sell companies suffers from junior bugs and let me rewrite the entire project once, because it is unknown practice no design, no honorable test cases, and also use manual implementation not a automated one. And newbie is not going to support their shitty codes next year.
Good luck with your business.


Is it possible for me to work for free?

1. When I contributing back to community for example in the meetup or PyCon
2. When I am working on my own project. The benefit will be mine at last with share holder, but during that I can't quantify it yet